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A calcium supplement (5 mg/kg PO q12h; calcium glubionate syrup, 1.
On day 6, calcium glubionate was incorporated to help facilitate clotting.
3 mg/kg PO q12h), enrofloxacin (15 mg/kg PO q12h), calcium glubionate (25 mg/kg PO q24h) and Pet-tinic (0.
5 mg/kg IM); calcium glubionate (100 mg/kg PO); calcium gluconate (100 mg/kg IM); supplemental fluids (45 mL/kg SC; Normosol-R, Hospira, Inc, Lake Forest, IL, USA); doxycycline (60 mg/kg IM; Vibravenos formulation, Pfizer Laboratories, London, Ontario, Canada); vitamins A, D, and E (3300 IU/kg IM; Northwest Pharmacy and Compounding Center, Houston, TX, USA); and edetate calcium disodium (35 mg/kg IM; calcium disodium versenate, 3M Pharmaceuticals, Northridge, CA, USA).
5 mg/kg IM q12h), calcium glubionate (100 mg/kg PO q12h), and Normosol-R (45 mL/kg SC q12h) treatments were continued.