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Though the residues of the decomposed chemical blowing agent are able to activate bubble formation, too, it could be proven for a concentration of 10 wt% calcium fluoride particles that the nucleation behavior is enhanced probably because of the larger sized voids they create.
For fluoride consumption by humans 3 mg F/day is a figure that should never be exceeded, and, of course, sodium fluoride in tooth pastes should be replaced with calcium fluorides, which are much less toxic.
Studies on the formation and dissolution of calcium fluoride in vitro and in vivo; thesis University of Oslo 1989.
Nickel, calcium fluoride or calcium oxide anti-seize materials can resist operating temperatures up to 2,400[degrees]F.
The secondary calcium fluoride minerals gearksutite and creedite were reported from the mine by Jones (1980) and Besse (1981).
Del is planning No More Breaks, a restructuring nail strengthener with calcium fluoride.
In addition to tungsten carbide, the Nanoform Xtc and the Optimus T+1 have been demonstrated effective on infrared (IR) materials such as silicon (Si), zinc sulfide (ZnS), calcium fluoride (CaF2), germanium (Ge), and zinc selenide (ZnSe).
5-7) Sodium fluoride varnishes have been used due to their ability to adhere to the tooth surface and their high fluoride concentration, which increases the formation of calcium fluoride (Ca[F.
Fluorides reduce the permeability of dentin probably by precipitation of insoluble calcium fluoride inside the dentinal tubules and reduce sensitivity.
Importantly, the use of laser favours the incorporation of fluoride into enamel, not only on its surface as calcium fluoride (CaF2) but also within its crystalline structure [ten Cate, 1999; Featherstone and Fried, 2001; Nammour et al.
It was determined that in regard to the refining capacity preference in this system had to be given to the slag with 30-40% of calcium fluoride.
A full line of high purity calcined alumina polishing abrasives come in agglomerated and deagglomerated grades for grinding, lapping and finishing optics made from calcium fluoride, germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, stainless steel and other substrates.
Do we add calcium fluoride, which is naturally present in water to a varying degree already?