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Review on fluoride, with special emphasis on calcium fluoride mechanisms in caries prevention.
Option (e) includes option (d) but would treat the precipitated calcium fluoride with acid to regenerate HF for recycling to the process as alkylation catalyst.
Heavy-duty anti-seize materials containing graphite and calcium fluoride can lubricate extruding and forming dies, shear blades, metal-bending equipment, cold- and warm-forging dies and other process equipment.
The bioavailable fluoride (F) deposits in the oral environment are primarily in the form of calcium fluoride ([CaF.
Do we add calcium fluoride, which is naturally present in water to a varying degree already?
When the two are combined just before or after entering the mouth, a calcium fluoride precipitate forms only after the calcium and floride ions have a chance to infiltrate the tooth lesions and diffuse into plaque.
Despite assurances that artificial water fluoridation chemicals, hydrofluosilicic acid, act the same as naturally occurring calcium fluoride, Awofeso explains that calcium fluoride does not inhibit a tooth's calcium absorption but fluosilicic acid does "thus annulling the dental caries prevention effects of water fluoridated with fluosilicic acid.
However, based on the concept that the formation of calcium fluoride (Ca[F.
Melting point of titanium is 1660 [degrees]C, and of calcium fluoride (the most refractory component of the flux)--1410 [degrees]C, whereby melting point of multicomponent salt systems is, as a rule, lower [4].
The refractive index, dispersion, and thermo-optic coefficient of the lens materials, commonly fused silica for the 193 nm stepper and calcium fluoride for the 157 nm stepper, have to be accurately determined to allow optical engineers to model the diffraction-limited exposure patterns.
60] films, when deposited on a calcium fluoride surface, arrange with the carbon molecules at the corners of cubes and with one extra carbon in the cube's faces.
We all assumed it was [pharmaceutical-grade] calcium fluoride.
Kinetics of dissolution and growth of calcium fluoride and effects of phosphate in solution and incorporated in the crystals on these processes.
The presence of the effect has been confirmed both experimentally and theoretically, and its magnitude is sufficiently large that calcium fluoride may cause unacceptably large aberrations in optical components intended for use by chip makers developing advanced 157 nm lithography processes.
The researchers have also found that depositing layers of compounds such as aluminum oxide or calcium fluoride can protect a superconducting surface without disrupting and changing the surface's properties.