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Natural calcium fluoride is considered insoluble (to 8-10 ppm fluoride maximum depending on water pH).
Fluoride applied to sound enamel surfaces produces lower amounts of calcium fluoride [ten Cate, 1997; Jardim et al., 2008].
Brudevold, Determination of the calcium fluoride formed from in vitro exposure of human enamel to fluoride solution, Arch.
Calcium fluoride, precipitated by this reaction, could be used as a flux in metallurgical operations (Kirk and Othmer, 1994).
The high amount of calcium fluoride necessary for obtaining an improvement in cellular structure might probably be referred to the nucleation behavior of the chemical foaming agent itself.
The new tools cut glass as well as emeralds, sapphires, ceramics, and calcium fluoride, a glass-like mineral.
Fluorspar, also known as fluorite, is calcium fluoride (CaF).
Calcium fluoride from wastewater is collected and reused to make cement.
It penetrates tissues readily and combines with calcium to form insoluble calcium fluoride. Nerve function relies on a balance of calcium and potassium ions and when calcium is removed, normal conduction fails and terrible pain ensues.
But since glass absorbs more UV radiation as the wavelength shrinks, stepper makers have begun using nonabsorbing crystals such as calcium fluoride in the machine's optical components.
Sodium fluoride, for example, a common additive to tooth pastes nowadays, a very toxic compound, far more toxic than calcium fluoride salts, is used also as a wood preservative and pesticide.
The fluoride sometimes found naturally in ground water is calcium fluoride, a relatively safe and firmly bonded form.
Sally Hansen's Simply Beautiful Teflon Tuff nail color is formulated with calcium fluoride and polymer fortifiers as well as Pro-Vitamin [B.sub.5] for moisturizing,
The extract was centrifuged for 5 min at 3000g at room temperature, after which the organic layer was transferred to a transmission cell (pathlength, 0.05 mm) with calcium fluoride crystals.