calcium carbide

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a grey salt of calcium (CaC) used in making acetylene

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Dr Salim Aziz, a consultant Nephrologist, said that aside acetylene, calcium carbide had some other impurities that were harmful to health.
Xu, "Study formation process of cement clinker minerals by using calcium carbide slag as raw material," Applied Mechanics & Materials, vol.
According to the optimum water contents determined by compaction tests performed on previously designed mixtures (Figure 4), a certain amount of water was homogeneously mixed with the powders of expansive soil, iron tailing sands, and calcium carbide slag which was cured in a period of 24 h.
[7.] Horpibulsuk, S., Phetchuay, C., Chinkulkijniwat, A., and Cholaphatsorn, A., Strength Development in Silty Clay Stabilized with Calcium Carbide Residue and Fly Ash, Soils and Foundations, 53(4), 2013, pp.
Chemical safety experts said calcium carbide reacts with water to create acetylene, a highly explosive gas.
Ripened artificially with calcium carbide, these mangoes put you at the risk of headache, dizziness, sleep disorders and even memory loss.
The first five articles, all written at the Nigerian University of Agriculture, evaluate groundnut shell ash stabilized reclaimed asphalt pavement as a highway pavement material, the properties of lateritic soil blended with glass cullet, and soil modified with calcium carbide waste.
It is therefore no longer necessary to buy in additional desulphurisation agents such as high-grade burnt lime, calcium carbide or magnesium separately.
The Group believes that the operation of power generation plants with a plentiful stable supply of low cost coal will be highly profitable, while the calcium carbide business in Heihe will also benefit from stable electricity tariffs.
In order to ascertain the growth, yield and photosynthetic responses of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cultivars to ethylene releasing compound calcium carbide (CaC2), a pot trial was conducted.
(2006) to investigate the effect of calcium carbide on the growth and yield of rice, wheat and cotton, observed that encapsulated calcium carbide released large amount of acetylene that was slowly reduce to ethylene.
National Windscreens branch manager Richard Bates said he has now discovered the canister was filled with calcium carbide which gives off a flame when activated to light the way for mountaineers and people exploring caves.
Which poisonous gas is produced by the action of water on calcium carbide? 2.