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The supportive therapy was provided as calcium borogluconate (Mil-Fone C Star Pakistan; each 100 ml contain 26.6 g calcium borogluconate and 5.4 g boric acid 300 ml iv) and amino acids plus vitamins (Amivicom Star Pakistan; 0.2-0.5 mg/kg im).
Calcium borogluconate @ 450 ml I/V were given on the first day of treatment.
The animal was treated with Calcium borogluconate (Calboral (k)) @ 450ml slow intravenous (i/v), Ringer lactate and Intalyteb @ 1ltr i/v and Normal saline solutionj (NSS) 5ltr i/v and Chlorpheniramine maleate [c] (Anistamin (b)) @10ml i/v.
Based on the serum calcium levels, 6 dogs were confirmed for eclampsia among the 8 cases and treated immediately on the day with Calcium supplementation in the form of Calcium borogluconate (Calborol (a) 25%) @ 1 ml/kg b.wt.
Pre-operatively, the animal was rehydrated with 4 lit Ringers Lactate, 2 lit Dextrose Normal Saline, 450 ml of Calcium borogluconate and inj.
The animal was given Calcium borogluconate 450 ml i.v.