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The expression of calcium signaling-related molecules showed significant increase in the frontal cortex of mice exposed to repeated blasts, including calpain 3 (1.5-fold), S100 calcium binding protein A3 (1.4-fold), calcium/ calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase 1 (1.2-fold), and calcium binding domain 4A alpha polypeptide 7 (1.4-fold) (Table 3).
Since centrin is a calcium binding protein involved in microtubule severing during flagellar excision, (13) it might play a vital role during fertilization.
The S100 calcium binding protein family, classed by Gene Ontology as binding proteins, that may also have a role in host defense (Cole et al., 2001).
In the present study, we aim to clarify that whether ATX has a neuroprotective effect by means of regulating calcium homeostasis via L type channels and calcium binding proteins and NMDA subunits in primary cortical neurons.
In Calcium Binding Proteins in Normal and Transformed Cells (eds.