calcium bicarbonate

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a bicarbonate that is a major cause of hard water

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Greg Rau found that a seawater/mineral carbonate (limestone) gas scrubber removed up to 97 percent of CO2 in a simulated flue gas stream, with a large fraction of the carbon ultimately converted to dissolved calcium bicarbonate.
Cooling tower make-up may easily contain from 50 to 300 ppm or more of calcium bicarbonate and is then concentrated several times by evaporation.
2] in a calcium bicarbonate solution, akin to limestone weathering, and then pumping this solution in the ocean to dilute it (Rau et at.
Hardness--The solubility of calcium bicarbonate in water depends on pH, alkalinity and temperature.
For evaluating electrochemical performance of the inhibitors, 300 ppm of calcium bicarbonate brine sample was taken for this study, with various dosage of polymers.