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Prof Petersen received the award for his pioneering work on pancreatic ion channels and calcium balance.
Preliminary research has revealed that mitochondria--the energy factories of cells--play a key role in calcium balance within axons.
Calcium: Calcium requirements are determined from calcium balance studies in healthy adults.
Without regular sun exposure or abundant vitamin D, they use physiological tricks to manage their calcium balance efficiently.
After the age of 50, women lose bone during the menopause from oestrogen deficiency and later due to age-related factors including change in calcium balance, inactivity and other illnesses.
Several predisposing factors have been described, such as a negative calcium balance, increased activity of the adrenal cortex and an increased demand for protein and minerals.
If you're young, that probably doesn't matter desperately much, but if you're elderly or you're a postmenopausal woman in negative calcium balance, then that amplifies your rate of bone loss," explained Dr.
Lead accelerates oxidative damage, binds to proteins, and also causes changes in calcium balance, all of which can affect the clarity of the lens," Hu explains.
Calcium balance in young adults on a vegan and lactovegetarian diet.
The mechanism of increase is probably due to the body attempting to restore calcium balance by either resorption of calcium via the bone or by altering calcium excretion.
This latter form regulates calcium balance, suppresses tumors, and interacts with numerous tissues in the body, including those in the brain.
It was an erudite and brilliant discussion, with the exception that no one made any mention of the effect of protein excess on net calcium balance.
Efamol has launched Efacal, a patented nutritional supplement said to improve the body's calcium balance and help protect women against osteoporosis.
A 2003 study by German and American scientists stated that a component of the Lily of the Valley scent dubbed Bourgeonal alters the calcium balance of human sperm and attracts the sperm.