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Heaney, "Calcium balance during human growth: evidence for threshold behavior," American Journal Clinical Nutrition, vol.
In dialysis patients with low bone turnover whose plasma PTH levels are <150pg/mL (16.5pmol/L) and with preexisting severe vascular and/or other soft tissue calcifications, negative calcium balance was considered.
Our study explains a significant effect of phototherapy on the calcium balance in a term neonate with jaundice, receiving phototherapy.
Too much parathyroid hormone disturbs body's normal calcium balance and increases the amount of calcium in the blood stream.
* An observational study assessed the safety, efficacy and effect on calcium balance of RCA.
Dr Wermers says: "The ability to maintain calcium balance worsens, and bone loss accelerates after 50 years of age.
Wide PPs were observed in these patients during the 9 months of observation, denoting persistent arterial stiffness suggestive of an increase in calcium balance. [P R Health Sci J 2015;34:93-97]
Alcohol inhibits calcium absorption and disrupts your body's calcium balance in a number of ways.
The drug made proteins turn on or off when they should not turn on and off, which started a chain reaction of other disturbances in the molecular network around the proteins, such as changes in metabolism and calcium balance. ( ANI )
A negative calcium balance had set in over the years, they all
Oceanside, NY, June 13, 2013 --( The skin is the body's largest organ and when it soaks up the sun, it helps produce Vitamin D, which is vital to maintaining a healthy calcium balance, immunity, blood pressure and insulin secretion.
Calcium removal from the bones in the formation of the eggshell at the beginning of the laying phase causes the pullets to be in a negative calcium balance (MORGAN; MITCHEL, 1938), which cannot be relieved by increasing the level of dietary calcium (HURWITZ; GRIMINGER, 1960).
Therefore women were more likely to have achieved calcium balance and stable calcium levels long before the study, and the effect of calcium supplements became less profound," the investigators wrote.