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a common mineral consisting of crystallized calcium carbonate

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Calcitic fabrics fall broadly into two basic types: prisms (columnar) and folios (sheets).
Using petrography and geochemistry to determine the origin and formation mechanism of calcitic plant molds; rhizolith or tufa?
Owliaie HR (2012) Micromorphology of calcitic features in calcareous soils of Kohgilouye Province, Southwestern Iran.
In order to determine the type of mineralogy and diagenetic systems of Tarbur Formation carbonates, major (Mg and Ca) and minor (Fe, Mn, Sr and Na)elements measured in this carbonates, and with against plotted of them, were compared whit other different researchers limits that was presented to determination of Aragonitic and Calcitic mineralogy.
Figures 4A and 4B show a typical calcitic lime mortar matrix.
This type of microstructure is highly resistant to both compression and abrasive forces (such as via fine particles) in comparison with calcitic species (Claassen 1998:38, 56; Zuschin et al.
Relationship between meneralogy, physical-mechanical properties and durability of Creataceous calcitic spongilites, in Proc.
These mixes are composed of 65 to 75 percent by volume of Canadian sphagnum peat moss for water retention, 35 to 25 percent of sterile perlite or vermiculite for aeration and drainage, macro- and micronutrients to support early seedling growth, dolomitic and calcitic limestone as pH adjusters to counteract the acidity of the peat moss, and a wetting agent that assists the peat moss to absorb water.
Reaction rates are dependent on aglime quality and particle size, with calcitic materials more reactive than dolomitic ones, and finely ground material more soluble than coarse material (Thomas and Hargrove 1984).
Suspended and settled precipitates observed in the Blanco River are probably entirely calcitic, as magnesium fails to precipitate even under extremely high saturation conditions (Land 1998).