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heat a substance so that it oxidizes or reduces

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He said that the completed calcining plant will annually produce 450,000 metric tonnes of calcined petroleum coke and the project is expected to reach commercial operation by 2022.
The project will bring the most advanced and best available calcining technologies to Oman and shall contribute to the development of Omani engineering talent.
Rain Carbon Inc., a global producer of carbon-based products, is resuming shipments of petroleum coke to its Visakhapatnam calcining facility in Visakhapatnam, India.
CK was prepared by calcining at 800[degrees]C and it contained 47% kaolinite, 34% K-feldspar, 17% quartz, and a minor amount of illite.
They address research in mineral drying and calcining; fluidization, reduction roasting, and microwave treatment; roasting; induration and sintering; and sintering and energy use.
In Operation: Excess (spent) sand is fed into the calcining chamber on a continuous basis at a constant rate.
Since inception, the company has been in technical and financial collaboration with Oxbow Calcining LLC (formerly Great Lakes Carbon LLC) USA -- a leading player in the international calcined petroleum coke industry.
With increasing calcining temperature and calcining time, all other powders appear white color.
The method is comprised of adjusting a gas to have a prescribed steam pressure before introducing the gas into a furnace, and calcining at least one titanium oxide precursor selected from the group consisting of a titanium hydroxide and a titanium peroxide, wherein the calcination is conducted in the presence of nitrogen molecules and at a steam pressure of at most approximately 8,000 Pa, and the calcination is conducted in the furnace into which the gas is introduced, wherein the gas has a steam pressure of at most approximately 8,000 Pa.
In literature(16), it was reported that calcining at 800[degrees]C gives good results, but still problem persists during pressing of calcined powders.
After calcining the precursors at 700[degrees]C for 5h, Eu- Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 particles of size 5-6 nm are obtained.
Although exposure to cadmium is believed to increase risk of lung cancer and kidney disease, pigment makers have long maintained that the high-temperature (1200 F) calcining process used to make cadmium pigments renders the metal insoluble and thus biologically unavailable.
He said that the completed calcining plant will annually produce 450,000 metric tonnes of calcined petroleum coke - a core carbon component in the production of aluminium - and in doing so, will substantially reduce the volume of currently exported green coke and imported feedstock fuel for aluminium smelters and other users, which will have a positive impact on the environment.
In Operation: The sand feeds into the calcining chamber and is elevated to a temperature of 1,300F (704C) using an indirect firing method that allows for lower operating temperatures.