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heat a substance so that it oxidizes or reduces

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2] sample calcined at 600[degrees]C showed the largest surface area of around 180.
As governed by the agreement, we expect to import 650,000 metric tonnes of calcined petroleum coke, 150,000 metric tonnes of liquid pitch and 3.
For the calcined ceramic forms it is sufficient a permeability of 15 .
osai produces calcined bauxite, an aluminum component used in industrial manufacturing.
The brochure includes discussion on the importance of brightness, finishing forms and engineering (beneficiation) when selecting a waterwashed, delaminated, treated or calcined clay.
A full line of high purity calcined alumina polishing abrasives come in agglomerated and deagglomerated grades for grinding, lapping and finishing optics made from calcium fluoride, germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, stainless steel and other substrates.
The proximate and ash analyses of the paper sludge and calcined limestone (Kangwon Province, Korea) used as a reference material are shown in Table 1.
9%) submicron aluminas and calcined aluminas classified to narrow particle size ranges.
Among the departed is chapter President Colleen Burghardt, CFO of CII Carbon LLC, a producer of calcined petroleum coke for the aluminum industry, who told chapter officers that her company's relocation to Texas was permanent.
The spray dried powder was calcined at 300[degrees]C for 2 hrs and 350[degrees]C for 3hrs.
The need to cut costs to compete globally necessitates reducing high cost pigments such as titanium dioxide and calcined clays.
Buffalo Grove, IL), hereafter referred to as zeolite, diatomaceous earth, vitrified clay, and calcined clay, respectively.
Georgia Duck manufactures a complete line of rubber conveyor belts for a wide range applications, including those designed for clinker, calcined lime, taconite and foundries to convey materials at ambient or elevated temperatures.
Some RPs are calcined during beneficiation to remove impurities, to increase P concentration, or to make Fe- and Al-phosphate impurities more available to plants (Milnes 1976).