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heat a substance so that it oxidizes or reduces

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The roasted ore will be carried by combustion gases within the roaster to the cyclones, where the underflow will report to the circuit's seal pot and then be discharged to the first set of calcine coolers, which will reduce the temperature of the ore from approximately 1,020 |degrees~ F to 660 |degrees~ F.
Particulates collected from the roaster offgas stream will be returned to the second stage of calcine coolers, while superheated steam generated by the boiler will be used to drive blowers in the ROTP's acid plant.
Temperatures of over 900 [degrees] C are required to decompose ferric arsenate, but such high temperatures are undesirable because there is a tendency for low-melting-point compounds of iron to sinter, reducing the porosity of the calcine product.
19 May 2010 - ICRA said it set an LB+ rating to Indian mining firm Saurashtra Calcine Bauxite and Allied Industries Ltd's (SCABAL) INR50m (USD1.
The calcine process applies heat (above 1400F) to the sand long enough to "dead burn" the sand's clay component, breaking its adhesion so clay can be separated from the sand grains.
Based on Technips proprietary technology, this system will include the roaster, dry concentrate feeder and calcine cooler.
These systems do not reach a temperature high enough to calcine the clay used with green sand and, therefore, are only suitable for organically bonded sands.