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heat a substance so that it oxidizes or reduces

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Faustini (26) developed a self-cleaning and antifogging coating by using a two-step dip and calcination process.
3]/mica pearlescent pigments with ferric chloride as a precursor and trace Fe(II) as a catalyst which does not require any calcination step.
The muscovite with the lower calcinations temperature has an order of magnitude lower IR than the other materials at 1,038[degrees]C (1,900[degrees]F).
Since Zn has low thermal stability, it causes the crystalline structure broken during calcinations process.
Effect of Catalyst Calcination Temperature on Lactic Acid Dehydration
For the first time regularities of anthracite calcination in the electric calcinator were investigated on a physical model and a laboratory installation with visualization of the calcination process.
The main goal of this study was to analyze the effects of paper calcinations on the intrinsic properties of precipitated calcium carbonate filler (PCC) by using distinct temperatures, from 400[degrees]C up to 1000[degrees]C.
Prior to TGA and in search for optimal preparation conditions, candidates underwent calcinations in air at 250 and 400[degrees]C.
DAVID HUERTA, born in Mexico in 1949, has published more than ten books, including Incurable (1987), the longest poem in Mexican literature, La musica de lo que pasa (1997; The music of what goes on), and Calcinaciones y vestigios (2000; Calcinations and vestiges), a compilation comprising three previously published volumes, including Historia (1990; History), winner of the Carlos Pellicer Prize.
Tenders are invited for Sweeping and Cleaning Highways, Pump House all section offices, dispensary and rest room and cleaning the silt and slush and calcinations inside the gallery and cleaning the scrubs at the approaches of Eravangalar Dam, Manalar Dam, Vennirar Dam and all Camps in Suruliyar Upper Camp for period of 5 months from the date of utilization (Ist half 2014 15)
Moreover, previous studies are shown that after calcinations at 500[degress]C, the intensity of those peaks due to PVA are decreased or almost disappeared, indicating the removal of PVA molecules from the fibers (23-25).
After a sufficient period of time, the yielded participate undergoes filtration, drying and calcinations steps, orderly.
The a-TCP peak only appears in the 2 mol% Sr-doped HA powder after calcinations at 900[degrees]C confirming the formation of biphasic mixtures.
When elaborating the execution technologies for the parts to be used in machine-building, the parameters of the shaping, calcinations and sintering regime were established experimentally (Stefanescu & Iancului 2004) considering the shape, dimensions and weigh of parts.
The calcinations were performed at 500[degrees]C for 6 h in an air flow and the reduction took place in situ at 500[degrees]C for 1 h under a pure hydrogen flow of 90 ml/min.