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heat a substance so that it oxidizes or reduces

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During calcinations at high temperature, the morphology of the as synthesized particles (Fig.
This thermal stability was evaluated as a function of the coating layer thickness and for different coating structures, obtained from different calcination temperatures.
Caption: Figure 1: Scheme for fabricating porous Si[O.sub.2] fibers via electrospinning and calcinations.
The response surface methodology and multicriteria optimization with a Doehlert design and desirability function were used to study the influence of the calcination temperature and time on the yield and adsorption of methylene blue and to determine the optimal conditions of the preparation.
The calcinations of waste paper sludge with 600 degC temperature with 3 hours duration demonstrated the peak with maximum number of counts of silica content as illustrated in figure 3.
The change in the morphological features of kaolinite (K) after calcinations and dealumination is shown in Fig.
Figure 2(b) presents the XRD patterns of the samples after calcination. Both of the two samples (S3 and S4) are transformed into anatase Ti[O.sub.2] because of the heating effect.
The dried photocatalyst was ground with a mortar and pestle, kept in air-tight glass bottle (to avoid moisture) as raw photocatalyst, and stored in a desiccator at room temperature prior to calcination.
Then, the mixtured powders were calcined using various calcination temperatures, ranging from 500 to 850 [degrees]C, for 2 h and at 800 [degrees]C for 4, 6 and 8 h.
The contract, valued by Technip as between USD 65 million and USD 130 million, calls on Technip to supply technology, engineering services and core equipment for the Takreer coke calcinations unit that is under construction in the UAE.
The effect of calcinations' temperature on morphology and crystal structure was investigated at 250, 500, and 800[degrees]C.
Foundry 'C', Training Directorate, Calcinations and Smelter 'B' have already reached the semi-finals of the competition.
A numerical thermoelectric model of the electric calcinator was developed with application of generalized physical properties of bulk layer of Donetsk anthracite, using which for the first time data were obtained on distribution of electric potential and density of current, temperature, and heat flow density in two- and three-stage calcinations of anthracite.
Turning basalt as raw material, into a product or finished part, implies several operations: choosing the raw material and its processing till it results into powder (washing, drying, sorting, crushing, screeminig, preparation and screeming of powder-binder mixture, shaping and pressing of parts), drying and calcinations, machining and sintering.
The main goal of this study was to analyze the effects of paper calcinations on the intrinsic properties of precipitated calcium carbonate filler (PCC) by using distinct temperatures, from 400[degrees]C up to 1000[degrees]C.