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a water-base paint containing zinc oxide and glue and coloring

cover with calcimine

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The very best thing to clean Plaster of Paris statuary is common white calcimine.
It is multicolored from the various materials at hand that were slathered on to protect it from the elements: gypsum, red clay, lime plaster, yellow calcimine.
I wasted no time in finding out that the paint is a special calcimine wash from Australia.
My freshman roommate's father delivered my first college lecture to me on his intention to continue swimming naked at the college club in Boston, as though signing my name to the university's application had been only the first step in my master plan to frolic back down there amid the flabby, calcimine forebears of the bald and bearded currently featured in the alumni magazine, my mouth stretched into a superior smile as I stroked along amid shriveled pink penises and hairy, gelatinous hams cracked with varicose veins.