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Antonyms for calcicolous

growing or living in soil rich in lime


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Strom L (1997) Root exudation of organic acids: importance to nutrient availability and the calcifuge and calcicole behavior of plants.
A chalk flora on the lower Greensand: Its use in interpreting the calcicole habit.
davidii does not appear to be an obligate calcicole: It is able to flourish in calcium-deficient soils as well (Humphries & Guarino, 1987).
According to Shimizu (1964), the first three groups were characteristic species of limestone habitats and in particular his exclusive and selective taxa were calcicoles. Chin (1977, 1979) accepted the classification and similarly categorized plants on limestone in the Malay Peninsula into four groups, combining selective and prefeient plants, and he indicated the first two groups are mostly calcicoles.