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any garden plant of the genus Calceolaria having flowers with large inflated slipper-shaped lower lip

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Calceolarias need light, fairly rich soil, and will flourish in full sun or light shade.
Worldwide, there are 300 species of calceolaria ( from tiny flowers to shrubs ( all originating from Central and South America.
Penstemons and shrubby Calceolarias are tender plants that add valuable late summer colour to our borders.
SOW pots of cinerarias and calceolarias to add flowers to your house- plant arrangements later in the year.
I had them planted out all over the place - Mexican salvias, South African agapanthus, cannas, verbenas, calceolarias and osteospermum.
Calceolarias and cinerarias should be sown under glass.
Florist's calceolarias are stunning beauties, but their flaunting blooms fade quickly when the weather turns hot and dry--or when it turns frosty.
Photo: Sunny yellow blossoms cover "Golden Nugget' calceolaria spring through fall.