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any garden plant of the genus Calceolaria having flowers with large inflated slipper-shaped lower lip

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Others to sow now are dahlias, busy lizzies, antirrhinums, salvias, rudbeckias, verbena, calceolarias and geraniums.
Green foliage plants and some orchards require night temperatures as high as 70[degrees]F, whereas roses, mums, and azaleas do best at a night temperature of 63[degrees]F and carnations, snapdragons, cinerarias, and calceolarias do best at a night temperatures of 50[degrees]F.
Calceolarias generally grow up to 30cm (12in) and flower in shades of red, bronze, orange and yellow, often with contrasting speckles or marbling.
How about pots filled with red pelargoniums, blue salvias and yellow calceolarias?
Then, you can plant antirrhinums, begonias, calceolarias, dahlias in pots and half-hardy bedding plants when the threat of frosts has passed.
ADRIENNE SAYS: Suitable plants include cinerarias; calceolarias, multi-coloured primroses, bulbs such as hyacinths and miniature daffodils; winter cherry (Solanum capsicastrum); cyclamen; heather (Erica hiemalis); Christmas cactus (schlumbergera) and winter pansies.
Mix it with a few more oddities like calceolarias, with their little bag-shaped flowers and deliciously chocolately-smelling Cosmos atrosanguinea and the junior family members will be delighted.
Minimum Light Levels for Common Potted Plants in Interior Landscape Settings 50-100 Footcandles 100-200 Footcandles 200-500 Footcandles Azaleas Anthuriums Calceolarias Chrysanthemums Bromeliads Cinerarias Kalanchoes Cyclamens Easter lilies Poinsettias Jerusalem cherry Gloxinias Orchids Hibiscus Ornamental peppers Hybrid lilies Rieger begonias Hydrangeas Spring bulbs Source: Dr.
CREATE a tropical display by planting cannas, begonias, calceolarias and hedychiums in pots or beds.
Penstemons and shrubby Calceolarias are tender plants that add valuable late summer colour to our borders.