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used of certain religious orders who wear shoes

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elaborates on the bitter feud between the calced and discalced factions that led to John's imprisonment, and provides interesting comparisons between John's mystical experiences in prison and the recorded experiences of some contemporary political prisoners (49).
John of the Cross was twice carried off and imprisoned by the main branch of the order, the Calced Carmelites, who opposed the reformation.
Chapters 15 to 16 examine Teresa's place in the conflicts between the Calced and Discalced friars in Andalusia.
She describes at length Teresa's battles with slippery officials, the rivalries between the Calced and Discalced Carmelites, petty jealousies among nuns and among church officials, problems with the male branch of the order, and harrowing negotiations with secular and religious authorities to secure permission for the establishment of convents.
Imprisonment at the hands of the Calced brothers, public humiliation by the Discalced, and an agonizing death the result of an ill-treated infection that spread throughout his body, brought a full measure of suffering to this saintly man.
(10) Nor should we forget the nighttime surprise attack by Calced Carmelite friars on December 2, 1577 in which Fray Juan was "disappeared" (complete with blindfold) (VO 116-17).
Dissension sprang up between those following the mitigated and unmitigated rules, and in 1850 Pope Gregory XIII separated them into two orders, the Calced, or Ancient observance (O.Carm.), and the Discalced (O.C.D.).