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Synonyms for calcareous

composed of or containing or resembling calcium carbonate or calcite or chalk


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At El Centro the soil type was an Imperial clay (fine, calcarious montmorillionic, hyperthermic, Vertic Torrifluvent) with 4 mg [kg.
One of the most powerful tools geoscientistshave in unraveling the temperature and ice history is the ratio of oxygen isotopes in calcarious microfossils.
Numerous areas of anomalous radioactivity were noted within an approximate 100 metre section of the Late Cretaceous Yacoraite Formation (sandy limestone, calcarious sandstone, thin bedded siltstone and mudstone).
Majority of Pakistan soils are calcarious (CaCO3 greater than 3%) and alkaline (pH greater than 7) in nature (Sharif et al.
The layers of tropical and citrus fru honeycomb and a calcarious dryness was a great ma for the spiced monkfish with vanilla risotto, red w sauce and basil oil.