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a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium that was deposited by the remains of marine animals

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The most notable of these differences is the predominance of calcareous rocks in the countries around the Mediterranean Basin compared to the other continents.
Most rocks are non-calcareous, small calcareous rocks rarely occur.
The conspicuous orange stands of Rusavskia elegans (formerly better known as Xanthoria elegans) are typical for sites with a strong influence of bird manure on subacidic and calcareous rocks. Similar communities on calcareous rocks, however, belong in the Verrucarietea nigrescentis.
A major zone of alteration at a high altitude in Golo Das is associated with the calcareous rocks. It is the area of interest in regard to precious metals (i.e.
Shaly limestones and marls, chiefly of the Glen Rose Limestone formation, are exposed at the surface around the Apex mine, but this is the weathered crest of an anticline and the calcareous rocks are only 12 to 20 meters thick above the contact with underlying quartzites.
Copper is relatively high in these Monterey Formation calcareous rocks (shale, mudstone and limestone).
The investigations were aimed at testing the resistivity imaging as a supplementary tool to facilitate interpretation of log data from boreholes drilled in calcareous rocks.
callaona (Grube, 1857) (Peru) (6) -Falcigers with short blade; areas VII-VIII with several rows of denticles of different/same size 10 10(9) Longest tentacular cirri reaches setiger 11 (9-12); areas VII-VIII with large cones (bores calcareous rocks) N.
Nebraska is at the eastern edge of the range of this western interior species that usually occurs on exposed calcareous rocks.
However, up to now only the more calcareous rocks of the Juuru, Raikkula, and the lower part of the Adavere regional stages, corresponding to the lower and middle Llandovery, have been sufficiently well studied.
reniformis settles on calcareous rocks through the partial incorporation of outgrowths of this substratum by the lower ectosome.
The principal orebodies, which lie in a belt some 100 km to the west of Uppsala, are contained within distinct, but extensive, horizons within coarse-grained acid volcanics (locally referred to as leptites), while the calcareous rocks host skarn deposits at their boundaries with the intrusive core of the district.