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a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium that was deposited by the remains of marine animals

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The leaching of pyrite and chalcopyrite to malachite azurite hematite and limonite are ubiquitous along these zones while iron ores formed as a result of skarnification are commonly hosted by calcareous rocks within these volcanics.
It predominately occurs on calcareous rocks but occasionally inhabits siliceous substrates.
The most notable of these differences is the predominance of calcareous rocks in the countries around the Mediterranean Basin compared to the other continents.
Most rocks are non-calcareous, small calcareous rocks rarely occur.
Numerous mineral reactions should take place in the calcareous rocks of the Cienaga Marbles during metamorphism.
The conspicuous orange stands of Rusavskia elegans (formerly better known as Xanthoria elegans) are typical for sites with a strong influence of bird manure on subacidic and calcareous rocks.
On San Andres Island, there are calcareous rocks (middle Miocene) composed of biomicritic limestones, clayey limestones and sandy limestones.
22 (-75) Habitat (-75) cliffs shaded cavities in (often acid), calcareous rocks walls, bark of trees
Fossil Bryozoa are most abundant in calcareous rocks such as limestone, calcareous shale and shaly marls, occur mainly in shelves and around coral reefs [9].
For this, the pulling head was equipped with a special ploughshare to dislodge and displace any calcareous rocks and to carry out pre-trenching operations.
Shaly limestones and marls, chiefly of the Glen Rose Limestone formation, are exposed at the surface around the Apex mine, but this is the weathered crest of an anticline and the calcareous rocks are only 12 to 20 meters thick above the contact with underlying quartzites.
Copper is relatively high in these Monterey Formation calcareous rocks (shale, mudstone and limestone).
The investigations were aimed at testing the resistivity imaging as a supplementary tool to facilitate interpretation of log data from boreholes drilled in calcareous rocks.