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Synonyms for deposit

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Synonyms for deposit

to put down, especially in layers, by a natural process


to place (money) in a bank

a partial or initial payment


matter that settles on a bottom or collects on a surface by a natural process

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Synonyms for deposit

the phenomenon of sediment or gravel accumulating

matter that has been deposited by some natural process

the natural process of laying down a deposit of something

money deposited in a bank or some similar institution

a partial payment made at the time of purchase

money given as security for an article acquired for temporary use

Related Words

a payment given as a guarantee that an obligation will be met

the act of putting something somewhere

put, fix, force, or implant

put into a bank account

put (something somewhere) firmly

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According to Li and Du, [27], calcareous deposits will form on the protected steel surface after cathodic protection in seawater.
No additional calcareous deposits were observed on the opposite sides of the surrounding dry channels to the north or south.
The heat-shrink sleeve and calcareous deposit were removed and, as shown in Figure 4, a string of corrosion product buildup was found along the line where the heat shrink sleeve was disbonded from the pipe.
Because all the parent materials of the studied soils are compacted or cemented with calcareous deposits or they have the mixture of it.
Two basins of this group are known to contain abundant sepiolite (Mees 1999a, 2001), which is also the case for palustrine calcareous deposits in an area to the north of this region (Kautz and Porada 1976; Mees 1999b, 2002).
Secondary calcareous deposits have been commonly associated with aeolian deposits across south-eastern Australia (Page et al.
(1979/ 1985): Upper Cretaceous to lower Paleocene pelagic calcareous deposits in Southern Peninsula of Haiti: their bearing on the problem of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary.