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Synonyms for calcareous

composed of or containing or resembling calcium carbonate or calcite or chalk


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The hole was terminated at a depth of 617.00 metres within the calcareous siltstone of the Road River Group.
Potassium release from K-bearing minerals and its fixation are two important processes of soil K in calcareous soils.
Strong calcareous nature of the soil and organic film formation around the clay content of the soil attribute to such behavior i.e.
TEHRAN, Dec 24 (KUNA) -- The Chal-Nakhjir cave in the central Markazi Province, Iran, is known to contain precious crystals and calcareous deposits worthy of admiration and wonder.
ohioensis ossicles (12 of 15 basal plates, 14 of 20 radial plates) are encrusted by minute, threadlike, calcareous tubes (Fig.
It also is near what is known as the Calcareous Floating Mat, considered one of the rarest types of native plant communities in the Midwest, according forest preserve officials.
The wells in the area were drilled in a mixed sequence, mainly of carbonates and clastic sedimentary rocks, where certain kind of limestones have been reported as hydrocarbon producer; in this research two SVMs were trained to identify automatically sections with fossiliferous limestones and intervals of calcareous shales interbedded with limestone; the remaining carbonates rocks, not classified by the SVMs, were grouped as carbonate laminated rock by applying a logic function.
Both the shell and rock substrates used were randomly dispersed along the inferior side of each box (25 shells and 25 rocks), but only the calcareous substrate was fixed with plastic cords.
use efficiency and crop production', and 'Effectiveness of Polymer coated phosphatic fertilizers for improving phosphorus use efficiency and crop production in calcareous soil', respectively, he added.
The production of concretes and mortars causes serious environmental pollution and huge consumption of nonrenewable resources such as natural calcareous aggregates.
The foraminifera form calcareous shells called tests in which the content of oxygen-18 depends on the temperature of the water in which they live.
Iran has a competitive advantage in cement production with its rich resources, including a chain of calcareous mountains and abundant calcareous mines across the country.
In Central Estonia the Oandu Stage is considered to correspond to the middle part of silty marlstone and siltstone of the Variku Formation, in southern Estonia to calcareous marlstone of the middle Mossen Formation (Meidla et al.
Yarranton and Green (1966) published a study that contained a small list of lichens on the calcareous cliffs at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area.