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the largest tarsal bone

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Posterior-ankle impingement (PAI) syndrome describes a group of pathological entities that result from repetitive plantar flexion of the foot that causes repeated compression and entrapment of soft tissues, bony processes or unfused ossicles between the posterior-tibial plafond and the superior surface of the calcaneum.
Placebo: a/a with belt over calcaneum and minimal force, with stabilising hand over metatarsals.
At the follow up visit quantitative ultrasound, a tool measuring bone density, was used to measure BUA of the calcaneum.
The humerus, femur, tibia and calcaneum, also part of the same Muskox Cave specimen, will be described as part of a separate project when those elements from Oreamnos are better diagnosed.
The retrocalcaneal bursa is located between the Achilles tendon insertion and posterior part of the calcaneum.
The presence of fragmented bones and a complete calcaneum (greatest length= 161.
minimum numbers left right skull 184 mandible 31 38 atlas 7 axis 1 scapula 32 33 humerus 2 1 radius 1 0 metacarpal 0 1 pelvis 15 12 femur 1 0 tibia 1 0 astragalus 0 0 calcaneum 0 0 metatarsal 1 0 phalanges 1