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the largest tarsal bone

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Calcaneum is the commonest tarsal bone to be involved in isolated osseous tubercular involvement, followed by talus, distal end of the first metatarsal, navicular, cuneiform, and cuboid in descending order of incidence.
4.- Comparison of the calcaneum of Amphicyonidae, dorsal view 1) Amphicyon sp.
This study includes all those patients having heel pain when first stand on his or her feet after rest or prolong walking history of heel pain for at least last six months and pain elicited on palpation of anterio-medial aspect of the calcaneum. Patients were excluded if they reported any infective conditions of foot tumor calcaneal fracture metal implant history of systemic disease skin disease history of any major trauma or surgery in and around ankle joint and foot impaired circulation to lower extremities neurological disorders foot deformities arthritis and corticosteroid injections in heel preceding 3 months.
Plantar fasciitis is characterized by pain and tenderness centered on the medial tubercle of the calcaneum upon weight bearing, especially immediately after a rest such as when getting out of bed in the morning [2].
These associated injuries include sternum fracture, rib fractures, clavicle fracture, tendon injury and a calcaneum fracture.
Six out of ten had pathology around knee joint, one with mid tibia, mid femur, proximal femur and calcaneum each.
With the carcass laid flat on its side and the front leg positioned so that it was straight and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the body, hind-foot length (HFL) was measured from the calcaneum (heel bone of hock) to the tip of hoof, and shoulder height (SH) from the superior angle of the scapula (cartilaginous top of shoulder) to the distal tip of the front hoof.
Material--OMNH 74713, proximal right femur; 74714, distal right femur; 74715, left femur ball; 74717, distal left femur; 74720, right calcaneum.
Osteosarcoma of calcaneum. A case series of rare tumour presenting a diagnostic dilemma.
AP and lateral radiographs (figure 2) of the ankle and foot revealed an area of rarefaction in talus, with normal calcaneum, distal tibia and malleoli.
Cervices inimicorum tuorum subtus calcaneum tuum rediget, et possessiones eorum possidebis, et fugient a facie tua qui te oderunt, et terga eorum videbis, et gladius tuus vincet adversaries tuos ...
At the follow up visit quantitative ultrasound, a tool measuring bone density, was used to measure BUA of the calcaneum.
Posterior-ankle impingement (PAI) syndrome describes a group of pathological entities that result from repetitive plantar flexion of the foot that causes repeated compression and entrapment of soft tissues, bony processes or unfused ossicles between the posterior-tibial plafond and the superior surface of the calcaneum. This repeated compression and entrapment, like nuts in a nutcracker, results in bone contusions and local synovitis involving the posterior recess of the tibiotalar and subtalar joints.
The Achilles tendon attaches the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles to the calcaneum. Injury to the tendon may result in a partial or complete tear usually occurring two inches above the calcaneum.