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the largest tarsal bone

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33 days after surgery control radiographs illustrated the normalization of the calcaneal bone structure as well as the soft tissue around the ankle joint (Figure 5).
Researchers archived sera and measured calcaneal bone mineral density (BMD) in community-dwelling white women aged 65 and older, who participated in the Study of Osteoporotic Fractures.
Of these measurements, only bone velocity corresponds to the true velocity of the wave through calcaneal bone, but it does not necessarily follow that bone velocity is the best clinical parameter to use.
No association was established between the calcaneal bone mineral density level and the occurrence of stress fractures.
The gastrocnemius and soleus form the tendo Achilles and inserted into calcaneal bone.
As an indicator of chronic Pb exposure, we measured concentrations of tibial and calcaneal bone Pb stores using [.
Then cavity was washed with saline and autologous calcaneal bone graft of 1cm thickness was packed at the periphery.
Urinary cadmium excretion is correlated with calcaneal bone mass in Japanese women living in an urban area.