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an incrustation that forms on the teeth and gums

the branch of mathematics that is concerned with limits and with the differentiation and integration of functions

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Examining the role of CaLc in Ca inhibition by mutating CaLc. We engineered mutant Physarum myosin with CaLc-3A that showed no Ca-binding activity (Figs.
In microaggregates, the value of centre-of-gravity position was 7.4 in DECALC and 7.1 in CALC.
The School Board's legal team missed a November deadline to respond to the plaintiffs' memorandum and supporting affidavits, and on January 20, Judge Leighton ruled in favor of Chicago CALC.
UNDERNOURISHED 1 hour 6 hour 1 day 3 days C Und C Und C Und C Und 20 45 158 108 124 245 151 93 20 33 146 97 210 112 89 89 78 59 168 114 237 207 52 98 69 78 134 120 192 143 73 121 45 63 192 153 114 156 172 106 46 56 160 118 175 172 107 101 Difference from control 26% Mann Whitney's U-Test Calc. U=10 Calc.
Density: 2.90 g/[cm.sup.3] (meas.), 2.94 g/[cm.sup.3] (calc.).
The latest version of Andrew Corporation's Andrew Microwave System Planner (AMSP) software features a new design option called Link Calc. This option enables users to automatically calculate communication system link budgets based on their selected design parameters and products.
I like him as a Cantor's Challengers index buy at 14 because, although others like Stuart Appleby, Jeff Maggert, Stewart Cink and Chad Campbell are in good form, none is playing better than Calc.
Currently, most clinical laboratories are using the Friedewald estimation to calculate LDL-C values, ie, LDL-C (calc.) = CH - HDL-C - (TG/5).[5] The estimation is fairly accurate provided the TG level is less than 400 mg/dL.
The price is $75(US) Introductory Offer Pocket Genesis (Windows CE version), also available now, is part of the FIS WinCE Suite, which also contains Mortgage Loan Calc, Currency Conversion Calc, Futures Calc and Options Calc. The price for FIS WinCE Suite is $85(US)
Direct comparisons of models are not possible for the smaller data sets of the three species at MI (white ash, sugar maple, and American beech), nor for American beech and eastern hemlock at CALC. To accommodate these data sets, I used three additional techniques to compare differences in species-specific growth between GMF and the other sites.
The first of its kind in the Philippines, the Century Fractional Ownership Program allows the purchase of preferred shares of CALC. Preferred shareholders under the program are entitled to customized luxury vacation and business stays in 152 units owned by CALC in Novotel Suites Manila at Acqua, the option to enjoy multiple vacation destinations worldwide, hassle-free property management and annual rental income.
"This new commitment to the A320 Family confirms the aircraft's popularity and appeal, offering customers the best value for money, high reliability and best-in-class passenger comfort," said Dr Mike Poon, CEO and Executive Director of CALC.
Control II Days after 30 Days after alloxan injection alloxan injection 105 mg/dl 251 mg/dl 453 mg/dl 177 mg/dl 441 mg/dl 481 mg/dl 204 mg/dl 509 mg/dl 542 mg/dl 134 mg/dl 453 mg/dl 495 mg/dl 155 mg/dl 465 mg/dl 385 mg/dl 155 mg/dl 423 mg/dl 471 mg/dl Test U Mann Whitney U Calc. = 0 * U calc.