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the shape of a bell

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231 38 26 26 Calosoma cancellatum Eschscholtz 0 0 3 3 Calathus ruficollis Casey 3 < 1 4 4 Calathus ingrates Dejean 29 5 6 6 Pterostichus adstrictus Eschscholtz 150 25 20 20 Total Carabids 610 100 99 100 ANOVA (F = 3.50; df = 6, 14; P value = 0.0635); OD Simpson's D = 0.248, SID = 0.752; SRI = 4.032.
Prey consumption and fecundity of the carabid beetle Calathus melanocephalus on diets of three cereal aphids: high consumption rates of low-quality prey.
Burkenroad (1983) proposed that some genera within Solenoceridae (e.g., Haliporus), are closer to Aristeidae (by the presence of appendix interna, the two arthrobranchiae on first maxilliped and the mesial tubercle on optic calathus), whereas others (e.g., Solenocera and Pleoticus) resemble Penaeidae by the presence of pterygostomian, brachiostegal and ocular spines, an orbital scale, similar branchial formula, a semiopen petasma, and an open thelycum.
Six species (Calathus ingratus Dejean, Carabus chamissonis Fisher, Carabus meander Fisher, Pelophila rudis LeConte, Pterostichus adstrictus Eschscholtz, and Pterostichus patruelis Dejean) are already known from Fort Severn, or along the Hudson Bay coast; however, two species, Amara erratica (Duftschmi) and Bembidion morulum LeConte, are recorded from Ontario for the first time, and Plalynus mannerheimi Dejean is recorded from Ontario for only the second time (CNC records).
After adjustment, our estimates of range are in the same order as for the carabid Calathus melanocephalus L.
Specimens of the recently discovered Calathus melanocephalus species complex (Aukema 1990) have not been verified.