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Synonyms for calash

a woman's large folded hooped hood


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the folding hood of a horse-drawn carriage

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He had recently started work as a senior marketing analyst with Calash Limited of Aberdeen, the company he worked part-time for studying for his MSc.
Deepest sympathy to our friend Calash and his brother.
Mid-19th-century New England women typically owned four types of bonnets: a decorated silk or straw one for spring, a folding cotton calash for rain or travel, a winter velvet-lined bonnet or quilted hood, and a cotton or linen bonnet for outdoor work.
The following executives were interviewed on today's show: -- John Calash, CEO of Steadfast Holdings Group, Inc.
Sire of 13 crops, with numerous notable progeny, including: Anvil, Bourdeaux, Bridget (Oaks), Calash, Drone, Evergreen, Faith (Oaks), Florizel, Fortitude, Highflyer, Justice, Maid of the Oaks (Oaks), Maria, Phoenomenon, Weasel, Woodpecker.
WE KNOW the names from virtually every segment of the worlds of fashion and fame: Chanel, Christian Dior, Calash Klein, Elizabeth Taylor, Donna Karan, even Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez.
An all-new interview with John Calash, CEO of Steadfast Holdings Group, Inc.
We understand that in the past suitable property has been offered by the city with some degree of participation from various local agency programs that pay for the services offered," Calash added.
The demand for affordable and sustainable housing is substantial on most Caribbean islands and our panels satisfy all requirements," according to Steadfast President John Calash.
Calash provides his personal insight into the factors that led to the Company's recently announced increased sales in the first three weeks of the fourth quarter which have exceeded the total for the fourth quarter in 2006.
Antoun Calash and Kristine Lewis have been granted 100,000 options each at $0.