calamus oil

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carcinogenic oil from calamus root used as a perfume

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Calamus oil has also been reported for its antiepileptic property in adult albino mice, where it successfully prevented seizures in maximal electroshock seizure test (Khare and Sharma 1982).
Studies have also suggested that the anticancer activity of calamus oil may be attributed to [beta]-asarone (Palani et al.
Acharya, "Process for the preparation of pharmacologically active [alpha]-asarone from toxic [beta]-asarone rich acorus calamus oil," US Patent US6590127 B1, 2003.
neem leaves extract, Acorus calamus oil, citrus oil and Nelumbo nucifera each at 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5% concentrations against Trogoderma granarium .
Vapours of Acorus calamus oil are suitable to protect stored products against insects.