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Synonyms for calamus

any tropical Asian palm of the genus Calamus

the aromatic root of the sweet flag used medicinally

perennial marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots

the hollow spine of a feather

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With these, may you tell the origin of the Grynean grove, lest there be any grove in which Apollo boasts more." Here we see Linus, in a scene drawing on both Hesiodic and Callim-achean dreams, passing down to Gallus the instruments (calami) that belonged to Hesiod.
Voss (1988), for instance, suggested that the large spermatophores and ligulae and calami of deep-sea taxa are causally linked.
(62.) Leone, 1535 (from Dialogue 2), thus: "i calami de le canne del flume, ne quail fu convertita siringa, ne qual' calami lo spirto genera suave suono, et harmonia, perche ii spirito intellettuale, che muove i cieli, causa la sua consonante correspondentia musicale, de qual calami; Pan fece la fistula, con sette di loro, che vuol' significare la congregatione de gl'Orbi de sette pianeti, et le sue mirabili concordantie harmoniali, er per questo dicono che Pan porta La vergha, et la fistula con la quale sempre suona, perche la narura di continuo si serve de 1'ordinata mutatione de sette Pianeti, per le mutationi continue del Mondo inferiore" (fol 39r).
The volume is good value for money: well produced, with illustrations sensibly printed on the page, and few noticeable lapsus calami.
In the process we come across some of the most famous compositions to be described by contemporary theorists, such as Rore's Calami sonum ferentes.
CALAMI TY keeper Heurelho Gomes went walkabout again last night - and cost Tottenham the cold war.