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Deputies working the night shift at the Butler County Jail in Hamilton, Ohio, were faced with the same kind of dilemma when they caught Tiffany Hurd, 36, trying to climb over the security fence to get into the calaboose. They told her to leave several times, and each time she demanded they arrest her.
Then, even though your license is current, he cuffs you and hauls you off to the calaboose. Your crime?
Bat Masterson said of his close friend and colleague, "Wyatt would bend the long barrel of his Buntline Special around the gunman's head and lug him to the calaboose."
The proprietor of the saloon proposes to take action: "I am acting mayor of this town (...) I will put him in the calaboose and keep him until you get married and away'.
If the fussbudgets and naysayers insist on official safeguards, on some sort of "overseer" or "probation officer," what better solution than to bring in the man who put him in the calaboose in the first place?
in the old calaboose; came drenched into its empty chambers; and lay down, three sops of humanity on the cold coral floors, and presently, when the squall was overpast, the others could hear in the darkness the chattering of the clerk's teeth.