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Synonyms for calabash

round gourd of the calabash tree

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tropical American evergreen that produces large round gourds

Old World climbing plant with hard-shelled bottle-shaped gourds as fruits

bottle made from the dried shell of a bottle gourd


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a pipe for smoking

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That was in a steadily run small-field contest, though, and in December Caspar The Cub swept by Count Calabash quite easily off a stronger gallop.
Worshippers thereafter offer prayers and symbolically cast all their problems on her as she bears the calabash and leads the mass of people on her path to the river bank.
class="MsoNormalHis art also reflects a broader global vision as when he draws the planet earth inside a calabash, as if to affirm the centrality of Africa in the world.
Sereetsi and the Natives is the first band in Botswana to tour South Africa and have also been featured at the Mahika Mahikeng Jazz Festival, Kgalagadi Jazz Festival, and the Cultural Calabash Fest among others.
They shared food from the kaihuri (calabash) and curu wa mugagatio (sour porridge) from the kinya (gourds).
Chef Lagerlof's "Chaine," a medal denoting his rank, was presented by his mentor, Sidney Bond of Le Calabash Cookery School.
Another photo of a pair of griots, one holding a boom box and the other a ngoni (an instrument made of goatskin and a dried calabash), extends the cross-cultural vibe that percolates throughout these portraits.
He travelled the length and breadth of the land, storing all items of knowledge he found in a calabash. When he was done, he climbed a big tree in search of a place to stash it.
The World Cup fuelled infrastructure spend on improving the highway network around Gauteng, the richest province in South Africa and the famous FNB Stadium, colloquially called the 'Calabash' (known as Soccer City during the World Cup), started to take shape, while the country's first high speed commuter train, the Gautrain was set to debut in time for the event.
Kulkarni was presented with the award by Marlon James, Man Booker prizewinner and former judge of the prize, at the Calabash international literary festival in Jamaica on Sunday.
Water Heater Installation: Hector Quinones, The Tides at Calabash
Calabash is the patriarch of a clan of Wall People, five-inch-tall humans who live behind the walls in the older apartment buildings on Park Avenue in Manhattan.
He opened his first overseas restaurant in 2004 at the five-star Calabash Hotel in Grenada.
My favourite chapter, entitled 'The calabash behind the calabash behind the calabash', brilliantly addresses Samburu notions and practices of 'respect' (nkanyi), showing that maintaining respect is a balancing act involving dissimulation and deception, display and disguise, and that the emphasis on respect, cooperation and altruism may express the difficulties in maintaining these ideals rather than the necessity of following them.