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West Indian tree having racemes of fragrant white flowers and yielding a durable timber and resinous juice

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Contact: Barbora Calaba, Cell Phone: +1 415 939 3281, E-mail: Barbora@e-wander.
A co-worker and longtime friend of Trotter's mother, Calaba, 54, has significant developmental disabilities.
In addition to the third-place medals the following students won individual medals in their respective divisions: Hunter,sixth in math; Karpinski, first in language and literature; Kille, fifth in essay; Russell Spencer, third in math; Katz, third in math and second in science; Calaba, third in language and literature and first in science; and Duggan, sixth in essay, sixth in math and sixth in science.
Nelson and Calaba enlist the help of an "Appreciation Group" -- volunteers who agree to use the appreciation techniques in their lives.
Calaba (Alec Kerr) lands the 12-furlong heat from Reformed Character (Denys Smith/Willie Carson) and General Vole (Ryan Jarvis) wraps things up in the mile handicap.
On the team are Ted Kremenek, Shawn Eubank, Kristin Masaki, Michael Ridenour, Rajesh Huntley and Jeremy Hanlon, all seniors; John Confar and Joe Calaba, juniors; and Monami Chakrabarti, a sophomore.
Stars of Track and Field singer/guitarist Keven Calaba shared, "We're thrilled at this opportunity to get our music out there on a national level.
Lester Piggott has been enjoying a purple patch and makes it 12 for the week when Calaba (Alec Kerr) lands the 10-furlong handicap at Lingfield.
Works include those by artists Mikail Abolfathi, Dennis Calaba, George Calger, Yvonne Choucri, Laurie Didier, George Earle, Pat Hopper, Helen Howard, Jim Laiben, Will McGreevy, Peter Mendez, Mike Murray, David Paz, Robert Rivot, Mary Sault, Gladys ``Cleo'' Stevens, the late Noel Jerome Soo, Sallie Thatcher, Mary Lou Wilson-Birsner and Gary Wong.
Calaba will oversee 5,283 acres surrounding the 1,450-acre Lake Nockamixon.
Featured artists include Dennis Calaba, Rodney Kilmer, W.
Morley made the unusual transition from training high-class juvenile hurdlers of the 1970s (Banlieu, Rely, Havanus, Valmony) to developing Group 1 winners of the 1990s (Fard, Celeric, Hayil), though his best horse was Calaba, a five-year-old mare who won the Cumberland Lodge Stakes in 1975.
For watercolor paintings, first went to Dennis Calaba, second to Mary Sault and third and an honorable mention to Judy McKell.
Calaba will oversee 1,200 acres in Derry Township that includes a 78-acre lake constructed by Keystone Coal and Coke Co.