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informal terms for the mouth

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Mostly it was just gum, which constantly flopped, drooped and lolled from their cakeholes. But after lunch, I swear I caught an occasional glimpse of meat pie, and tea often yielded a few scraps of buttered scone between the front teeth.
A tidy bloke has completed the first research into slang and its links with what we stuff down our cakeholes.
They make it really difficult for cinema audiences to look at their mobile phones or stuff their cakeholes with popcorn.
Ann belongs to a great generation that never learned to look the other way, never learned to keep their cakeholes shut and who have never been cowed by the bullies and bad guys.
CRACKDOWN follow officers from Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Devon and Cornwall as they break into the criminal networks CAKEHOLES Mel and Sue OVER AND OUT Minnie Driver CHILD-FRIENDLY Ian suggests Jane adopts Bobby in 'Enders
Dave has already antagonised the old Tories by paddling up the Limpopo River when Middle England was flooded, and by ordering them to hug a hoodie when they get burgled, and by instructing them that oiks should shut their stupid cakeholes about the glory of grammar schools.
Yet Short and Winterton have so much in common, and not merely their naivety, stupidity and those great big flapping cakeholes.