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Synonyms for cakehole

informal terms for the mouth

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These include obvs (obviously), ridic (ridiculous), lolz (laughs), shizzle (form of US rap slang), cakehole (mouth), and dench (excellent).
8) Who had a TV series called Through the Cakehole? 9) What is Europe's largest port?
However, the last of the tunnellers, Matt Benson, eventually emerged after 18 days down the Cakehole tunnel.
JO Brand Through The Cakehole (Channel 4) was about mucky men, sex, mucky men, condoms and...
When police arrived at the Moldgreen property, Robinson shouted: "Shut your f***g cakehole" before sinking her teeth into the middle finger of one of the officers.
07590 471888 MUSIC Cakehole Presley Psychedelic folk pop group influenced by Woody Guthrie, the Beatles, Syd Barrett and Rolling Stones hold their big New Year's Eve gig.
Some of those now trying to claim compensation for their ruined travel plans might be tempted to allocate some dosh in return for Mr O'Leary shutting his cakehole and concentrating instead on the creation of an efficient and principled business focused on customer satisfaction.
Looks like someone should have kept their cakehole shut!
Howdonabit, just you watch yer cakehole. I'll have you know that last season's bottom half finish was the worst for a decade.
Don't lose your rag, you're guin down the outdoor, it's up the garden path, Between you me and the gatepost you don't loik it but you gotta laff, So shut your cakehole, give up the ghost, you're still wet behind the ears For the umpteenth time don't lose your rag or it will all end in tears.
She was shortlisted for the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Festival and landed her own comedy show Jo Brand Through the Cakehole. Since then she has regularly appeared on TV in Like It or Lump It, Commercial Breakdown and Hot Potatoes, and has a been a frequent guest on Have I Got News for You, Question Time and QI.
Yes, THAT Jo Brand, the irritating woman with the biggest cakehole in the land and a strange way of speaking in the same droning manner.
They Think It's All Over; Airport; Mrs Merton; Pole To Pole; Michael Barrymore's Strike It Rich; Spin City; ER; Jo Brand's Through The Cakehole.