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Synonyms for cajole

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Synonyms for cajole

to persuade or try to persuade by gentle persistent urging or flattery

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Synonyms for cajole

influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering

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Part of my brief as captain was as an organiser, cajoler and a talker.
As the longest-serving player in Everton's squad - he was actually Moyes's first major signing when he arrived initially on loan from Olympique Marseille in the summer of 2002 - the Nigerian certainly has the experience but he'll never be another shouter, bawler and cajoler in the same way as Neville.
The great man was the motivator, the cajoler, the rallying point and the tactical guider for the other seven forwards, especially when things were going wrong.
Le mari s'approche d'elle, tente de la cajoler, de l'embrasser, mais elle le repousse.
In the Queens Treatment Court, you had a very strong coordinated team approach, and what you had was the TASC organization, The Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime, that was coordinating treatment for all of the treatment programs--and there was a wide range of treatment programs--you have a very strong, assertive judge in the Queens who was clearly very motivated, very energetic, very charismatic, who would--you know, when you would go in and watch him, he was sort of a combination of a counselor and a cajoler and a preacher.
In many of the aforementioned situations the teacher is the central figure--a sage, a cajoler, a mother-figure, a drill sergeant or even a clown.
The brilliant business lobbyist who served as Jimmy Carter's assistant for public liaison (chief cajoler of interest groups), is now eyeing a cabinetlevel post, most likely Commerce or Transportation, according to friends and associates.