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Synonyms for cajole

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Synonyms for cajole

to persuade or try to persuade by gentle persistent urging or flattery

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Synonyms for cajole

influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering

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But without a first-team coach But without a first-team coach who can mould players, knit them, who can mould players, knit them, cajole and convince them, none of cajole and convince them, none of the success would have happened.
But in the meantime, she will cajole, bribe mad guilt people into taking action by any means necessary.
Dell might cajole GSA into this because they are the largest schedule vendor by 300%.
Unlike performance benchmarks in other areas of the computer industry, ease-of-use is being designed into the specification and testing process to cajole storage vendors into reporting a plethora of results across their product lines.
Second, private interests will always exercise their constitutional rights to threaten - or cajole - their patrons in high places.
Moreover, "the belief that a declining birth rate imperiled national security brought with it an idealization of motherhood and efforts to intimidate or cajole women into devoting their lives to bearing and raising children" (279).
So then you need an engineer to tinker and cajole, To resolve the thing that's got you up the pole.
The 12 songs cajole and transport the listener through a sometimes hauntingly real, often desperately hopeful journey that will remain long after the music dies away.
The stark fact is that oil supplies are becoming harder to secure and if the UK did not attempt to cajole or bribe Libya into selling to us, another country would soon step in.
Are they old enough to be under such a cruel spotlight and what are the motives of the stage mothers who encourage, persuade and cajole their offspring towards mythical stardom?
Far better for local authorities to coax and cajole householders to recycle than get their backs up, leaving smelly and dangerous waste to pile up in streets.
Doing so is a useful way for conservatives today to chasten, bully, and cajole those who dare stray from the Church of Reagan--the religion of low taxes, big military budgets, and hawkish foreign policy.
And there is a more aggressive form of story-telling that attempts to cajole and persuade, to teach and promote.
For example, we witness multiple interpretations--filmed in every corner of the studio--of the scene from The Miracle Worker in which Anne Sullivan tries to cajole a resistant Helen Keller into feeding herself.
No Marilyn Monroe, no Judith Campbell Exner, no every starlet at Metro that Peter Lawford could cajole into coming out to the beach house.