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a cowardly and despicable person

despicably mean and cowardly

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By your dress you should be one of those cursed clerks who overrun the land like vile rats, poking and prying into other men's concerns, too caitiff to fight and too lazy to work.
What man would be so caitiff and thrall as to fail you at your need?
Caitiff! But if you bolt off on the head of it, I shall go back and sack him into the bargain!"
Of caitiff wretched thralls, that wailed night and day,
It is only when he descends from the clouds to pounce upon carrion that he betrays his low propensities, and reveals his caitiff character.
For instance, Polu ("Breaking Up the Caitiffs") was changed to Xin'an ("Faith and Peace"), Weilu ("Inspiring the Caitiffs with Awe") to Guangxin ("Extending Faith"), and Pingrong ("Pacifying the Barbarians") became Baoding ("Protecting the Peace").
His new secretary of state John Kerry deceives himself if he thinks he can resolve the Middle East conundrum, cozying up to contumacious caitiffs.