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a cowardly and despicable person

despicably mean and cowardly

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The Story of Caitiff Kang is lenient toward Kim Kyongso, though.
Signing to Trustkill Records in 2004, they released debut album The Caitiff Choir later that year.
There is a Castles, and a Canning, A Cobbett, and a Castlereigh; All sorts of caitiff corpses planning All sorts of cozening for trepanning Corpses less corrupt than they.
Traitor to kin and kind, to sire and me, To thine own flesh, and traitor to thyself, The gods on thee in hell shall wreak their wrath, And here in earth this hand shall take revenge On thee, Porrex, thou false and caitiff wight.
Caitiff, to pieces shake, That under covert and convenient seeming Has practised on man's life.
A caitiff, a cut-throat, a creeper in corners, A hairbrain, a hangman, or a grafter of horners?
In the one, she is expansive in describing the angelic attributes that seem to belong to Angelo versus the treacherous caitiff or villain that in fact he is: "'Tis not impossible/ But one, the wicked'st caitiff on the ground,/ May seem as shy, as grave, as just, as absolute,/ As Angelo; even so may Angelo,/ In all his dressings, characts, titles, forms,/ Be an arch-villain" (5.
Noting this penury, to myself I said, An' if a man did need poison now, Whose sale is present death in Mantua, Here lives a caitiff wretch would sell it him.
Peace is good; but wo to the cowardly caitiff of a man, or
While Isabella speaks hyperbolically, there is some truth to her characterizations when she denounces Angelo as the "wicked'st caitiff on the ground" and a "pernicious" "arch-villain" 5.
The noble Duke my master, My worthy arch and patron, comes tonight: By his authority I will proclaim it, That he which finds him shall deserve our thanks, Bringing the murderous caitiff to the stake; He that conceals him, death.
In The Marriage of Geraint, Geraint's territory, it is revealed, is threatened by "bandit earls and caitiff knights" all "on the borders," apparently "flyers from the hand / Of Justice," all beyond the bourne of Camelot's civilizing influence (ll.
For example, the extensive male readership of texts originally addressed to female readers can be seen in the marginalia of many manuscripts, such as CUL Ff v 45 (a vernacular devotional miscellany containing such texts as Rolle's Form, The poor caitiff The mirror of sinners, and The craft of dying), which was owned by one "John Whyte" (of uncertain date).
Vico, at the end of his autobiography, said that "Among the caitiff semi-learned or pseudo-learned, the more shameless called him a foo, or in somewhat more courteous terms they said that he was obscure or eccentric and had odd ideas.
For instance, Polu ("Breaking Up the Caitiffs") was changed to Xin'an ("Faith and Peace"), Weilu ("Inspiring the Caitiffs with Awe") to Guangxin ("Extending Faith"), and Pingrong ("Pacifying the Barbarians") became Baoding ("Protecting the Peace").