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an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome


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a two-wheeled military vehicle carrying artillery ammunition

a chest to hold ammunition

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large watertight chamber used for construction under water

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Under the terms of the agreement, Caisson will be eligible to receive up to $167M in milestone payments upon achievement of certain predefined clinical, regulatory and commercial objectives plus potential long-term residual royalties.
A 45m mast will be placed in this central caisson of the bridge
Fabricating the large caisson clamps is a permanent solution consisting of installing three piles next to the SIRI subsea storage tank and connecting them to the caissons with the fabricated clamps including cable stays.
The second crew in another boat then would tow a 48-inch caisson supplied by King County to the buoy and lower the caisson into the water.
A 143ft diameter caisson 33ft deep was sunk into the ground to support the tower.
Founded in 2009, Caisson is an independent investment management group that offers asset and fund management as well as capital placement capability to institutional and private investors who wish to access the real estate and alternative investment markets.
Members of the Leominster High School marching band, a riderless horse, the caisson and cars carrying family members made up the cortege.
In the corral, which is used by Old Guard Caisson Platoon horses that pull the casket-carrying caisson at Arlington National Cemetery funerals, Ms.
Its fire paled with the sun's explosion over bluestem grass on prairie north of Buffalo Gap, exactly when a caisson rolled her casket through the trees of Virginia.
Everybody would have been happy to see this,'' Cameron's niece, Gretchen Moore of Paramount, said of the ceremony that included a flyover, 21-gun salute and horse-drawn caisson burial.
Brandenburg's part of the job was finished by the start of April 2005, but even before that, end caisson drillers were working on one side of the property while the demolition company finished on the other.
The stratigraphy underlying the Legislative Building was documented in logs from eight test holes sunk in 1912 and 1913 (AM, GR 3085 G8106, Item 176), logs acquired during caisson excavation (AM, GR 3085 G8100, Item 6, AM, GR 3085 G8107, Item 549) and logs acquired during later examination of selected caissons (AM, GR 3085 G8105, Item 121, AM, GR 3085 G8105, Item 122, AM, GR 3085 G8106, Item 196, AM, GR 1609 G8014, File 3 Item 2).
The split-opening rear hatch comprises two components designed by Plastic Omnium and InoPlast: an outer polypropylene (PP) panel painted the same color as the automobile body, and a PP caisson reinforced with bulk-painted glass fiber.
and wrought a little iron caisson with the top down.