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Synonyms for cairn

a mound of stones piled up as a memorial or to mark a boundary or path

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small rough-haired breed of terrier from Scotland

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Competing in the category of “Best Connection to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook Audience,” the highly effective campaign on the Dorothy of Oz Facebook page features a photo of a Cairn terrier, as well as a description of the dog's personality and a link to the shelter housing the pet, every Tuesday.
Essa afeccao, que evolui para uma nefropatia cronica em animais jovens, ja foi diagnosticada em diversas ragas, incluindo cairn terriers (1), lhasa apso, shih tzu, poodle, chow chow, schnauzer miniatura (4), cocker spaniel (5), bull mastiff (6), finnish harriers, boxer (7), entre outros.
The genetic basis for PSSs is unknown, although affected lines have been recognized in miniature Schnauzers, Irish Wolfhound, Old English Sheepdog and Cairn Terriers (FAVERZANI et al., 2003).
Collie cross mongrels, Cairn terriers, border terriers and a lab/basset cross - would I trust any of them on their own with children?
A Cairn terriers were originally used as fox hunters and ratters in Scotland.
Mrs Thompson, who had two pet Cairn terriers, supported many charities but her favourite, for which she sometimes raised money, was Guide Dogs for the Blind.
The TV star took the lead by asking former missus Lynne Heseltine to join him on a stroll with his two cairn terriers, Nobby and Fudge.
Gizzi, the mother of the two Cairn terriers - as yet unnamed - died during an emergency caesarean operation.