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a semiaquatic reptile of Central and South America that resembles an alligator but has a more heavily armored belly

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One licence holder has a caiman - a smaller member of the crocodile family but which can nevertheless grow up to six to eight feet in length.
Should the application be successful, the two caimans would be housed in a purpose-built, alarmed outhouse.
Caiman, as defined by Ross and Godshalk (2003) do not adequately describe the Broad-snouted Caimans in Santa Fe Province.
Pantanal caimans store fat in muscle tissues of the tail, probably for use when food supplies are low (VICENTE NETO et al., 2007).
She added: "Licences for exotic animals classed as dangerous wild animals - such as cobras, ostriches and caiman crocodiles - are granted by local authorities and the details are held locally.
Caimans usually lie submerged in a swamp, lake, or slow-moving river.
In 2010, the state vet services put to death 20 caiman crocodiles, which a pet shop owner tried to import on the island from the European Union.
In the case of conserving Argentina's broad-snouted caiman, however, quite the opposite is shown to be true.
Modulation in frequency parameters explains the main differences in the vocal repertoire among adult and young caimans. As vocal fold length is positively correlated with body mass (Fitch 2000, Riede & Titze 2008, Riede et al.
As Sanchez and his team reveal, Venezuela's fossils include all the families of crocodile species that still exist all over the world today: the Crocodylidae, the so-called true crocodiles; the Alligatoridae, which, besides the true alligators, also include caimans; and the Gavialidae, which are characterized by their extremely long, thin snouts and are only found in Southeast Asia nowadays.
The opportunity to phase in these improved vehicles finally arrived in late May 2011 as the company's parent brigade, the 230th Sustainment Brigade, began to exchange its entire inventory of Caimans for the superior Caiman P1LL5 models.
The objective of the assay was to investigate the growth speed (liveweight, dimensions) and the blood indicators (metabolism, nutritional state) in caimans fed on different diets, considering the different seasons of the year.
The couple's eight crocs and caimans live in the garage.