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Des militants cagoules leur ont alors lance des pierres et renverse des poubelles pour se barricader.
And experts were unable to retrieve any DNA from the cagoules as they had been underwater for so long.
Traffic of over 100,000 people jammed the site for his Pretty Green range, as they tried to buy the rocker's cagoules, shirts, hats, scarves and the trademark parka.
The sane ones among us wore wellies and cagoules, while others chose to revel in the foot-deep sludge, covering themselves from head to trotter.
The children in Class 1 enjoy their outdoor environment having lessons outdoors wearing their special outdoor clothes including waterproof trousers, cagoules and wellies.
THEY might come across as lager-swilling mouthy upstarts, but Either Way shows there's more to Brummie boys The Twang than expensive cagoules and box-fresh Reebok Classics.
Believe it or not, pack-away cagoules are this season's stylish survival kit!
Les auteurs cagoules du hold up qui a cible la societe algero-francaise Stakal Metallique, situee a haouch Bendhanoune, dans la commune de Khemis El-Khechna, wilaya de Boumerdes, ont ete arretes par les services de la Gendarmerie nationale.
Un groupe de terroristes cagoules s'est attaque a la maison familiale du ministre de l'Interieur, Lotfi Ben Jeddou a Kasserine, mardi 27 mai 2014 a minuit.
Whether it's puffas, trenches or cagoules, keep your little tikes warm while looking cool with Tesco back-to-school jackets.
Dans la matinee, la police a procede a trois interpellations sur la celebre Promenade des Anglais en bord de mer: trois Espagnols porteurs de boulons, de piolets, de cagoules, de masques a gaz, ainsi que de T-shirts avec l'inscription "black cross" (croix noire).
One little difference was the blue cagoules, courtesy oF manager Ian Crabbe, to keep out the elements.
Jodie Marsh, however, could don the same gear and I'd want to throw woolly jumpers and cagoules at her.