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an athlete who plays basketball

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Jaco took the first quarter lead by a hairline margin 15-14 but Jipco's leading cagers in collaboration with Jason Dalangin and Gerry Familara grabbed the momentum to end the second canto 33-32 and stayed in the lead until the final buzzer.
When Divas Laugh is a published manifestation of the Diva Squad Poetry Collective, which consists of four women poets: Lenett Nefertiti Allen, Linda Joy Burke, Jaki-Terry and the editor Chezia Thompson Cager.
Lee Drinkwater, Russell Cager, Paul Varley, Liquidity, Kieran Kelly; Angela Houston, Dympna Howells, Dawn Williams, Fiona O'Sullivan; Mick Grainger, Peter McHugh, Brian Johnson, Pat O'Neil; Kevin Brady, James Manning, Sean Nash, Fergal Dowling; Tony McDaid, Eileen Schofield, Nick Halligan, Bartley Finnegan; Richard Lee, Olivia McMenamin, Brian Donohe, Philip McMenamin; Bernadette Roddy, Gerry McLaughlin, Sandeep Matharu; Conor Brady, Steve Ruck, Louise O'Reilly, Dave Lewis
These hodgepodge characters included his best friend and cousin, McGraw, who chugged glasses of milk and always wore a plastic Mets batting helmet, and perfectly nicknamed local men (Joey D, Bobo, Cager, Colt) who lived all of their evenings on the barstools at Publicans.
In her guide for teaching Cane, a major work of the Harlem Renaissance, Cager (language, literature and culture, Maryland Institute College of Art) recommends a holistic approach with a blues motif that treats the learning experience as a discovery process.
The reigning MVP, who was also named as the PSA's pro cager of 2012, scored 13 of his total in the third period and had four clutch points in the payoff frame as Ginebra won back-to-back games for the first time to improve to 3-5.
The video processing engine and programmable nature of the DM642 makes it an ideal processor for video surveillance applications," said Yvonne Cager, video surveillance solutions manager, TI.
HARD TIMES: Russell Cager, Pete Herring, Andy Yardley and Ryan Ward in Brassed Off
By working with ATEME, we are able to offer our customers highly optimized development tools that allow them to speed their development process for digital media applications," said Yvonne Cager, video solutions marketing manager, TI.
Ace cager Marlon Adriano broke the ice in the KFH-Shemesy match and finished with 25 big points to lead the Rangers before fouling out with 8 minutes to play in the final quarter.
With the introduction of the RAVEN-X, Mango provides an opportunity to demonstrate how TI's DM642 processors are impacting the way networked video is being retrieved and delivered for surveillance applications," said Yvonne Cager, worldwide video surveillance program manager, TI.
The Texas Instruments digital media processor enables Smartvue S2 to provide real-time, high-quality video," said Yvonne Cager, worldwide DSP video solutions marketing manager, Texas Instruments.
Ingenient is valued member of TI's third party network and has always been at the forefront of software development for TI's multimedia DSPs," said Yvonne Cager, video product marketing manager, TI.
Thus, ATEME was chosen by TI to release this video development board based on our 1GHz DSP," said Yvonne Cager, video solution marketing manager, TI.
Intelligent video surveillance cameras will enhance the effectiveness of video security networks, helping to increase people and property safety," said Yvonne Cager, worldwide DSP video solutions marketing manager, TI.