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confine in a cage


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carnea were reared in three types of cages, transparent Perspex cage, transparent glass cage and wooden cage in the laboratory conditions, to test the suitability of different cage types for better egg production and C.
vandinei, the cage is an effective means of monitoring adult populations but may not be useful as an accurate indicator of the presence of larvae beneath the cage in the field.
Cage seems particularly shortchanged: Journeying through Buddhist practices and themes (the sound of silence, the complementary nature of fullness and void), he set Western artistic conventions aflame, employing chance operations to address the infinite potential of art and life and influencing artists as diverse as Steir, Yoko Ono, and William Anastasi, Nam June Paik's Cage in Cage, 1995--video footage of John Cage laughing shown on several tiny monitors inside a birdcage--is in fact an affectionate homage to this master of paradox, portraying him as a living, joyous Buddha.
When the police put Tom into the cage in the back of the van, memories of his time in the POW camp come flooding back and he suffers a breakdown, which begins a spiral of events leading up to the writing of this book.
Cage in his heyday always maintained a wonderfully urbane sense of human irony, but his hard-nosed acolytes, hell-bent in the pit, stooped over their simmering electronic devices, are simply pompous and absurd.
The safety catches or "dogs," as they are known within the industry, are designed to engage and stop a run-away mine cage in the event that the cable holding it is released or severed.
Mounting PC/104 modules within a card cage in this way eliminates the need for traditional PCB standoffs/spacers and provides a much simpler board removal method over PC/104 containers using compression-mounted rubber rails.
Peter Yates discussed Cage in conjunction with music and theater, electronic and computer music.