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They are similar to CAFFs in that they confine animals for 45 or more days.
At the time of our study in 2009, Ohio contained 176 ODA-permitted CAFFs, of which seven were also considered a CAFO.
We would soon have an Indian Caff Society, trendies telling each other: "My dear, you simply must visit this new place.
Waiting for the train, I had another coffee, but at a different caff.
Based upon the persuasive findings of CAFFS, it's time for such guidelines to be amended with regard to treatment of patients similar to those enrolled in CAFFS, Dr.
Based upon these persuasive findings, the guidelines should be amended regarding treatment of patients similar to those in CAFFS, Dr.
SEND us a snap of your king of caffs, telling us why it's a top spot and you could win E50 - a fortune in fry-ups.
And one in three people knows of a caff closing down in their area.
But each caff is much the same as its rival - basically everything comes out of the frying pan and is served up with chips - and the All Day breakfast is king.
What's left is a rag bag of posh hotels like Marriott and pricey caffs like Cafe Rouge.
Transport caffs attracted a better class of clientele in those days too.
POSH food critic Egon Ronay is to produce a guide to "greasy spoon" transport caffs.
The Daily Mirror wants to save their bacon - and there was a huge response when we appealed to readers to help us find Britain's best caff.
BIG, busy, friendly caff, curtains painted on the windows and deepred Formica tables.