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an offensive and insulting term for any Black African

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Io provengo, e lo dico con orgoglio, da una piazza di pubblici spettacoli: Piazza Pepe, e da li nei piccoli caffre concerto [...].
The Chinese with his peaked shoe and long pigtail, the Arab with his lofty turban and flowing vest, the Turk with his cloth q[many colours and flowing beard, the Indian with his tunic of sham and robe of muslin, the picturesque clad Greek, the Grave Parsee, the black favoured Negro and the still blacker Caffre man, were every instant passing before us, mingled together in 'most admired disorder'.
For example, Knox cautioned readers that although "European races" like Celts and Saxons might look deceptively similar, they in fact "differ from each other as widely as the Negro does from the Bushman; the Caffre from the Hottentot; the Red Indian of America from the Esquimaux; the Esquimaux from the Basque" (39).
Budiansky guides the reader through what seems to be an all encompassing examination of the cat, charting their origins in ancient Egypt as the offspring of the Caffre cat - an African Wildcat - to their somewhat enforced migration across Europe and then the world as the companions of humans.
(13) Thus, after Sir Launcelot Greaves's novice squire, Captain Crowe, has undergone a beating in the service of his knight, "his nose appeared so flat, and his lips so tumified, that he might have passed for a Caffre or AEthiopian." (14) Smollett's throwaway jest serves nonetheless to position Crowe's injury within environmentalist accounts of racial characteristics.