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an offensive and insulting term for any Black African

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The host status of African buffaloes, Syncerus caffer, for Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) decoloratus.
In our study, we considered seven ungulate species including two highly gregarious, non-selective roughage feeders of > 300 kg body weight (African buffalo Syncerus caffer and common eland Tauro tragus oryx pattersonianus).
Regulation de la dynamique des populations de buffles (Syncerus Caffer Sparrman) et de waterbucks (Kobus ellipsiprymnus Ogilby) et moyens de gestion a mettre en oeuvre pour preserver l'equilibre des communautes vegetales dans le ranch de Nazinga (Burkina Faso).
Station Plant species Korah Oumache El-Outaya Grasses Ampelodesma mauritanica + + + Agropyrum junceum + + + Avena sp + - + Cynodon dactylon + + + Hordeum murinum + - - Hordeum sativum + - - Imperata cylindrica + + + oryzopsis miliacea + + Psamma arenaria - + - Crops Citrullus lanatus Var Caffer - + - Cucumis melo - + - Trees Casuarina torulosa - + + Cupressus sempervirens - - + Ficus carica + + - Phoenix dactylifera + + + Phoenix canariensis - - + Pinus halepensis - - + Punica granatum + + + Olea europaea + + +
Another important object, dating from Hemingway's first safari, is the head of a Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer caffer), whose hunt forms the backdrop of "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" (1936).
For the point shooters in the crowd I guess you could point shoot but with a Syncerus caffer or a Bison bison closing in at roach two, me I vote for looking at the sights and getting a good hit.
Herbert said: "Allan is driving well and he's got a good young partner in Pierre Caffer.
For example, success in intrasexual contests favors large male body size in many ungulates, yet corresponding sex differences in nutritional requirements mean that in red deer Cervus elaphus, males are more susceptible to starvation than females, whereas male buffalo Syncerus caffer are more vulnerable than females to predation by lions Panthera leo (Clutton-Brock et al.
The African buffalo (Syncerus caffer caffer) population in Kruger NP is known to maintain animal diseases, including zoonoses such as bovine tuberculosis (bTB) and brucellosis.
In the hunter's hierarchy, finding myself at the sportsman stage but not quite to the level of total self-actualization--but close--I knew that I would probably always hunt buffalo for the shear fact that nothing says just try and match wits with me like the razorsharp eyes, ears, noses, and cunning of Syncerus caffer.
Synceros caffer then has the potential of turning into Africa's "Mr.
African bat species sampled and the number of paramyxovirus sequences detected in sub-Saharan Africa, by country, 2007-2012 * Southern Africa South Africa Chaerephon ansorgei (2/0) Neoromicia nana (7/2) Chaerephon pumilus (8/0) Neoromicia rueppellii (1/0) Epomophorus gambianus (2/0) Neoromicia zuluensis (1/0) Epomophorus wahlbergi (15/0) Nycteris thebaica (12/1) Eptesicus hottentotus (2/1) Nycticeinops schlieffeni (9/0) Glauconycteris variegata (5/0) Pipistrellus hesperidus (5/0) Hipposideros caffer (6/2) Pipistrellus rusticus (5/0) Kerivoula argentata (1/l) Pipistrellus sp.