caffeine addict

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someone addicted to caffeine

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De Melo will be offering a specially-sourced coffee - and Imran is so confi-dent Teesside caffeine addicts will love it as much as he does, he is willing to give a moneyback guarantee if you don't like it.
Fortunately I'm not a caffeine addict and never have been.
A caffeine addict who was convicted of cruelty to his pet Doberman earlier this year is fighting his case at the appeal court.
And few things are scarier than a ticked-off caffeine addict.
Q As a caffeine addict, I would love to know which coffee machine I should be popping on my Christmas list this year.
This time round 24-stone Julie Treadeagle met superskinny caffeine addict Jade Potts, who weighs just five and a half stone.
EVEN the biggest caffeine addict would agree there is only so much coffee you can drink and it didn't take long for Alan Stubbs to appreciate that notion.
Hoy, 32, has left nothing to chance, with the caffeine addict even taking his own coffee machine to the Olympic Village because he didn't trust the quality of the local brew.
One reformed chocoholic and former caffeine addict is Robert Lloyd Griffiths, a single marketing director at Leo Abse and Cohen in Cardiff.
Sam could stay awake longer than a nervous caffeine addict on the Heathrow flight path - but he finally decided to grab 40 winks the other day.
Caffeine addict Chris Tarrant has been banned from drinking coffee during his breakfast show.
This might be a toughie for caffeine addicts, but you can manage 30 minutes and it's a great way to ease off the coffee fix.
MELANIE HARVEY origins ginZing Energy-boosting moisturiser, PS25 For a limited time, this brilliant moisturiser will be available in a Caffeine Addicts double-shot 75ml collector's edition with the lid adorned with a sunburst of coffee beans.
Each comes with its own tasting notes, with caffeine addicts offered brews that include flavours of everything from strawberry, passion fruit and blueberry to caramel and beer-like hops.