cafeteria tray

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a tray for carrying your food in a cafeteria

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NSF International (NSF), an independent, not-for-profit organization, recently collected and tested samples and found as many as 2.7 million bacterial cells per square inch on common school surfaces such as water fountains, desks, computer keyboards, bus seats, and cafeteria trays.
While coasting, pretend you are carrying a cafeteria tray with your arms.
And a vital faith is more like an organism or a work of art than it is like a cafeteria tray." At its worst, he notes, this pastiche spirituality "can be a kind of private escapism to titillate oneself."
According to Livingstone, the most common trigger of overturning in other lakes is wind stress: Winds first pile water on one side of the lake, then stop blowing, releasing the water like "a bowl of soup on a cafeteria tray" and creating an internal wave that can precipitate an overturn.
Your Mama's probably isn't the best place for a fancy business lunch, but that won't stop us from scurrying back to Fourth Street as soon as possible to pick up a glossy cafeteria tray and take our place in line.
Think of bland, warmed-over fare, plopped on a cafeteria tray, lacking the stuff that makes food taste good, such as salt, fat and sugar.
You can see it in the food left untouched on a school cafeteria tray. You can smell it in the gray cloud emanating from the gang of teens waiting to cross the street, cigarettes dangling from painted fingernails.
For example, Wheeler has to run and jump over scientists and officers, while Chapman should jump to collect chickens and avoid cafeteria trays.
(Cafeteria trays don't fall into the category of safe sleds!)
Following self-guided research on plastic foam, the material which countless cafeteria trays are made from, 300 Incline Village Elementary School (Nev.) students signed their names to a petition urging the school to ditch the damaging plates, reported
From school gardens and farm field trips to local food appear ing on cafeteria trays, farm-to-school practices help children connect with their food and make healthier choices while also creating new markets for local and regional farmers.
She proves that US law and federal policies prioritize big business over public health in our overfed yet undernourished country, and decries Big Pharma's plans to drug toddlers with mood stabilizers and Big Agri's efforts to push food waste onto the cafeteria trays of school children.