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a restaurant where you serve yourself and pay a cashier

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The contract for the cafeteria had been part of the campus' efforts to tackle transphobia and to provide a truly equal opportunity to members of the transgender community.
Using this way, it is expected that the cafeteria will be completed in four months.
The doctors and other paramedical staff have demanded of concerned authorities to carve out a separate cafeteria for them.
Zeta Super ID is a part of Zeta's automated cafeteria portfolio - Express.
The workers could use the cafeteria plans to pay for health coverage or dependent care with pretax dollars, Tassey said.
and conspiring with him against the Indian cafeteria owner to pay them a kickback against not fining him after they discovered that he had set up a sunshade without obtaining proper permissions between August and September 2015.
Products of the cafeteria are serviced in another old brand Volkswagen settled in the middle of the garden of the cafeteria.
The food courts were Cafeteria Serumpun and Cafeteria Agro-bio (within campus) and Cafeteria old-flat (outside campus).
The word cafeteria was current in Cuba in the 19th century, but it referred to a shop that sold ground coffee, not a restaurant.
Sardar Ayaz Sadiq mentioned cafeteria administration that he has also discussed this issue with chairman senate because Senator Raza Rabbani has also complained about standard of food.
The Mobile Cafeteria Table Tow Bar will considerably reduce the amount of effort and exertion required on the part of its users when moving large cafeteria tables, thereby reducing the chances of injury to a large degree.
Even though the robbers managed to enter the petrol pump office by breaking the door, they had to abort their plans and run away from the area as the cafeteria employees and police rushed to the spot.
Is there anything good on the menu today for cafeteria plans?
BARRE - Quabbin Regional School District cafeteria workers were ready to give the school superintendent and School Committee a piece of their mind, but instead they got what they felt were their just deserts.
A cafeteria plan is one under which employees may, within limits, choose the form of employee benefits from a "cafeteria" of benefit plans provided by their employer.