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a pause or interruption (as in a conversation)

a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line

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This is a cogent and pungent critique that demonstrates that citizenship, a term so closely linked to democracy, is built upon a speciesist biopolitical caesura that reproduces and legitimates racialised hierarchies of life.
But if Ross, with his strange enchantments, is right, or at least lovable, when he says that "enchanted truth belongs to hobgoblins and fairies witches and demons lesser and greater gods," and that enchantment "belongs to them because it belongs to all things, in their nooks and crannies, in their caesuras, the breaks and ruptures that compose their bodies, that interrupt their minds and spirits" (188), then Ross will nourish a sense of fantasy that believes in itself as fantasy.
Figure 1 gives several examples of caesuras that separate incises (such as in mm.
Skampa), both the two levels--the sharp contrasts and the continuity of the "story"--are equally represented and the music continues to tremble neurotically; the placing of caesuras between the terse little motifs, but also minimal or scarcely any pauses between the individual movements contribute to the success of this approach.
8: German Romanticism), the entire twentieth century, with its many historical caesuras and literary movements, is compressed into a single volume, the tenth and last of the series.
Caesuras within lines tend to come before simple modifying clauses, for example, "But I unhappy man, whom cruell fate" and "But when they came, where thou thy skill didst showe.
The three-acre puddle teems with inspiration and life--from the turtles lounging in the sun on fallen tree branches to the tadpoles at the shore that resemble tiny swimming caesuras.
jokes, caesuras, enjambments fused in a burst of language
Her art stands witness to itself in bright caesuras where we fall into language.
the contrasts occur only at caesuras and the ends of lines, it is easy
He glitters, he unnerves, he has a python-like heaviness of limb and he gets a lot of mileage out of his special Goldblum time gaps, his caesuras, as in "Your mother's in the (
The vision is always distinctly his own and simultaneously that of his people, expressed in a modernist Ara bic verse of dislocated lines, where the caesuras break freely on their own logic of loss.
no absolute caesuras in history, but there are bends in the road, some of which have the effect of occluding the traveler's view quite quickly.
Written in an idiom that is direct, terse, and brimming with the vernacular of the railroad song, the poem is marked by a series of caesuras that punctuate the lines.
Favouring C2 and B1 caesuras, which occur in the middle of the line, Aldhelm discloses his vernacular roots.