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a pause or interruption (as in a conversation)

a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line

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52) Caesuras twice mark breaks from sentences rehearsing reasons he will not be caught to show Claudio's death intruding on Angelo's thoughts: "He should have liv'd" (4.
These caesuras, decades, shape our lives as much as they shape our museums.
Though the presupposition is hidden behind the supplement, it comes back to light whenever the caesura of sin once again divides nature and grace, nudity and clothing" ("Nudity" 64).
Although Kavanagh is often judged, by his weakest work, as a slapdash writer, his use of full and assonantal rhyme, of enjambement, and caesura in 'Epic' is also vital for an understanding of Muldoon's development as a poet.
The poem transits between rhyming couplets and blank verse, with these transitions often near-imperceptible; caesuras are extremely rare and rhymes almost always monosyllabic, hence at once thumpingly marking the lines' enjambment and rushing across such traffic calming measures.
Purr pushes further into this territory, making bold use of blanks, ellipses, caesuras, breakings-off, empty boxes, holes, and extra white spaces.
The three-acre puddle teems with inspiration and life--from the turtles lounging in the sun on fallen tree branches to the tadpoles at the shore that resemble tiny swimming caesuras.
Her art stands witness to itself in bright caesuras where we fall into language.
the contrasts occur only at caesuras and the ends of lines, it is easy
Since the speaker, at this point in the poem, has not experienced the distractions of corporeal love, the series of powerful caesuras unleashed in the stanza underscores his resoluteness in pursuing his cognitive interests.
The vision is always distinctly his own and simultaneously that of his people, expressed in a modernist Ara bic verse of dislocated lines, where the caesuras break freely on their own logic of loss.
The punctuation of these lines, their slippery enjambments and expressive caesuras, carry us gently "down the hill" as they ebb out towards their own home.
But this is not the last stage: often the new organization devours itself halfway through, or at the end of its itinerary; it opens onto something unheard-of, something hurried and sometimes chaotic--a sort of cacaphonic "stretto," which can also announce the "suite," like a filigree, across narrative caesuras and liquidations.
An analysis of the three-part antiphons of the Glogau manuscript describes the transformation of the chant into a strict succession of breves in the discantus, broken by the syntactical subdivisions of the text and adapted to the breath of the singer by caesuras.
Carver's poems are narrative caesuras, pauses, crises of larger narratives beyond which beckons promise of narrative self-transcendence, a deliverance from "a little room.