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a pause or interruption (as in a conversation)

a break or pause (usually for sense) in the middle of a verse line

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Caesura comprises a mix of 74 market-rate and 49 affordable units within a twelve-floor building with 2,400 s/f of ground-floor retail located at the corner of Ashland Place and Lafayette Avenue.
A BRIEF HISTORY OF CAESURA Caesura helps to distinguish poetry from prose by contributing to the overall composition of meaning, rhythm, and sound.
But dying is just an interregnum, a caesura (a break in the flow of sound in a verse) in the long, long poem that we are.
In taking up Pugliese's intervention, the contributors demonstrate how 'state violence is virulently animated by the logic of biopolitical caesura and its 'anthropological machine" (2013, p.
And then there are the less obvious contributions such as fascinating spoken-word poetry from CAESURA or outdoor physical theatre from Oceansallover.
Paper, $36.00--This book is the third in a trilogy by Dupre, which examines the emergence and development of modernity, in as far as we consider it a stage radically separated by a "caesura" from Ancient and Medieval modes of thinking and of living.
Topics include preliminary communications on observations on countertransference as a technical instrument, a testimony on transference-countertransference, the countertransference position at the crossroads, a contemporary approach to countertransference from the River Plate region, reviewing case histories with modern ideas, misconceptions, transference on the couch, the effects of socio-political violence, child analysis, the hidden order of "human sacrifice," transference or caesura, minute-to-minute analysis, nonverbal clues, self-reflective transference, role-reversal, the "influencing machine," and transference and countertransference with some patients.
He thus perceived Roman economic institutions as prolonged until the eighth century and invoked Islam rather than Germanic peoples as the caesura between classical antiquity and the Middle Ages.
Overall, the various essays bear witness to the gradual weakening of the caesura in modern French poetry explored elsewhere by critics like Michel Murat and lean-Michel Gouvard.
Just as people are divided by their "quilted skins," the fable itself is halved by chiasmus and caesura. Both books are filled with skillfully crafted pieces like these, in which fables become a vehicle for insightful social commentary.
It was your desire for greater complexity--for an impassive painting able to accommodate and transform a philistine view--that drove you on, rather than a concern with the false figurative/abstractionist caesura. Not a questioning of aesthetic choices.
The transcript, presented in full, makes a convincing argument, even without the benefit of Scully's melodic tenor: "And Koufax, with a new ball, takes a hitch at his belt, and walks behind the mound," intoned Scully with one out in the ninth, adding, after a caesura, "I would think that the mound at Dodgers Stadium right now is the loneliest place in the world" (100).
In a summative set of 'last words', Gustav Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde, written in 1908, but first performed posthumously in 1911, is shown to juxtapose poems, parts of poems, musical ideas and what has been regarded as the composer's definitive 'farewell' in a way that anticipates the Holocaust: 'music which is not post-Auschwitz, but written before may be understood more, later, following that caesura' (p.